Procedural Torus Tutorial

DISCLAIMER #1: Code presented here is pseudocode that does NOT necessarily reflect production Limit Theory code.

DISCLAIMER #2: This tutorial assumes you have at least basic knowledge of 3D geometry and related math.

The torus is probably my favorite shape right now because of the contrast between how daunting it looks to build and how beautifully simple it actually is. I never thought I would be good at math, much less enjoy it, but here I am, a professional graphics programmer, loving and learning math-heavy algorithms. Visualizing math made all the difference. The torus is a stunning example of how beautiful math can actually be,  once you get away from dry, academic, rote math and into the applied realms of proceduralism, graphics, and games.

I want to take the time to explain why these algorithms work on a conceptual level. If you understand why they work, it’s an easy leap from the simple torus on the left of the header image to the fancy torus on the right.

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